Various individuals such as policymakers, media professionals and entrepreneurs, stars, and sports enthusiasts unite to witness the electrifying contest. Since the year 2015, resident leaders from Brooklyn and the Bronx, have been throwing the ball at the wall in the Johnny Ray Memorial Pro Wall Ball Tournament at MatchPoint NYC. Dmitry Druzhinsky remarks that Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. lead the cross-town competition to advance the participation underserved and downtown youth in physical pursuits. Moreover, this assists the U.S. Wall Ball Association’s education, anti-violence and anti-obesity endeavors. The contest, founded in 2012, rejoices the life of Jonathan Ray, the late brother of the USWA CEO, and the spirit behind the creation of the association. Dmitry is happy to partner with organizations that promote a healthy lifestyle to complex.

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The Tournament Inspires Underserved Youngsters to Participate in Physical Activity – Dmitry Druzhinsky

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